Frequently Asked Questions


How would you describe your style?

I believe photography is about telling an authentic story that is unique and personal. This means letting the time we spend together be about what feels most comfortable and natural for you and your family. Think of me as a curator, observing from a far, occasionally providing some consideration and guidance.

My style is very candid and fast. I like to work with momentum. I always take time to get the perfect posed images too so there is no wonder if all family members have been captured well in a moment.

You can expect lots of laughing, playful and intimate moments with space, natural light and natures beauty all incorporated into your story.

What should we bring to the photo shoot?

Make sure everyone has been fed before the photoshoot. It’s always a good idea to bring water and anything you usually bring with you when out and about with little ones. e.g. change bags, snacks and toys/comforters.

What should we wear to a family shoot?

I recommend smart casual. For men, this means a button down or collared shirt. For women, hair done and a little make-up. For kids – stay away from bold patterns, writing on shirts and make sure the clothes fit well. Natural, plain colours are good overall.

What if my child is not enjoying themselves or is upset?

My sessions are designed to be fun, fast moving and very candid. I always try to get the posed pictures done first and then dedicate the rest of the session for candid photos. You will get beautiful shots from your photo session. So don’t worry about your kids, there is more than enough time to give them space to do what they need to feel comfortable and happy.