Candice Quartermain - Photographer


Canter Creative is a visual story telling practice offering personal and business photography solutions.

Candice Quartermain is the founder and lead photographer at Canter Creative.

Candice founded Canter Creative because she wanted to move away from creating for consumption sake and towards creating for contribution. 

Visual story telling through photography is where her passion lies. Her friendly, positive and energetic nature gives the practice its rewarding client relationships. 


Canter Creative as a practice wants to do more than capture beautiful stories, we want to inspire others by the way we work, share and contribute to our communities. 

  • Canter means a pace for change that is balanced, measured and considerate

  • Our mission is to celebrate life in the moment whilst nurturing its beauty for others 
  • Conservation and sustainability is at the heart of everything we do  
  • We collaborate with remarkable people who do great things
  • We are a profit for purpose organisation which means we invest our profits and volunteer our skills back into organisations like Circular Economy Australia
  • Respect, honesty and laughter is the only way we know how to interact
  • We are freeworkers which means our office can be anywhere from a library to a boat deck
  • We love our bikes and fair trade chocolate
Candice Quartermain Photography